Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bridger bowl with Hana Beaman and Elena Hight

Met up with some friends in Montana to ride Bridger bowl. Our plan was to go to Cooke City but it was dumping in Bozeman last week so we just stayed, that's the rule when chasing pow: if it's good where your at... STAY PUT! Here's a little edit with Elena Hight, Hana Beaman, myself and the snow made a star appearance!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Easy Paleo Lunch

What's in your lunch? Don't have much time? Here's some ideas off hand of what I do being on the road and having to pack a lunch to snowboard all day..

What to have on hand:
Veggies that are easy grab and go
Bell peppers

Athlete?? Need to bag some more calories? Bake a bundle of sweet potatoes all at the same time (400' for about 30 mins) at the beginning of the week and leave them in the fridge for quick pickins!

Protien that's grab and go, jerky, roast beef, turkey, sardines, tuna, chicken sausage... Or the one that comes from nature already packaged-- hard boiled eggs!

Fruits are kind of duh! 
Whatever's in season

Grocery items: a lot of these things you can grab on the go
Jerky- be careful cause a lot of them have a bunch of sugar and soy but there are some really good ones out there!
Epic bars
Tanka bars
Real Sticks 
Smoked salmon can have a lot of sugar but is a solid snack

Fruit leather- high glycemic but good calories!
V8!!!!! It's the bomb! Sometimes I warm it up and put it in my thermos for a nice hot tomatoe soup!
Nuts! Duh! All kinds: peanuts are legumes btw!
Seaweed packs
Coconut water
Green smoothie: Naked or Odwalla
Sunflower seeds- kill that salt craving!
Lara bar
Apple sauce

I'm going to start doing some #LazzLifeLunchbox episodes soon for more fun and healthy ideas to keep you tongue excited!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Banzai, Kirkwood 2014

First stop of the Rahlves Banzai Tour was this past weekend in Tahoe. I drove out to Tahoe with some friends from Salt Lake for the weekend... I worked, moved out of a place, tired up a bunch of loose ends and then won the race! successful weekend.. now I'm on the road again. Up in Montana for the week and then wherever the wind blows.. here's the Banzai stop #1 through the LazzLifEye!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Subaru Freeride Series Crested Butte

First FWQ of the year for me, and thank God! I've been having such a sweet season on the road with my subaruby and snowboard...Now some competitions are starting up but its all good, I'm like a walked dog after this last month of fun, nothing could get me down... let the good times roll..