Monday, August 25, 2014

The Monster Factory: Episode 1

Episode 1 from The monster Factory: real stories of winter athletes living the dream...
  The main theme with this episode is these friends of mine who have legit real job degrees and would be very successful in a 'American Dream' setting type of life but they are choosing to take this precious time in their lives to ski and pursue it as a career. Knowing all these women personally, I would not put it by them for a second to not succeed at anything in the world they would want to do, talented, smart, and beautiful, whatever they do is not a waste.

The Monster Factory- Episode 1: Waste from Handman Productions on Vimeo.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Training

My summer this year, is all about getting strong for winter. I'm living in Jackson Hole and training in the freeride program at Mountain Athlete. I'm about to get ready for the first day of my 4th week after I write this. So far we've just been strength training, working on our numbers, getting as strong as we can before we start maintaining. I was super nervous before starting this program and didn't even know for sure if I was going to commit but then I had the realization that I could do it if I focused on it, and made it a priority. Theres a couple ways to think about it, 4 hours/ big deal, or 4 days of training, an additional hour/7days/week to stretch and maintain flexibility and recover... its a little bit more commitment then just 4 hours/week... but I'm doing it. Training started on June 15 and goes until December 1. Mon-Thurs, at 9:30 am or 5:30 pm. Whats rad is to be committed to something that I am fully accountable and surrounded by athletes in the same scenario. I'm already getting stronger and it only the beginning of July whereas normally I would not even start to train yet. I'm getting a head start and learning so much. I know I have to watch my own back, checking my ego at the door, and listening to my body, but my coaches are earning my trust more and more each session and I'm learning a lot. With out my previous training at Crossfit Avalanche with Travis Weaver and Myles Lewis I would be way behind all these athletes but I feel like I fit right in with my knowledge, ability and skills. Heres a little teaser of whats to come...

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Season

Spring has brought a different new life for where I'm at now. I'm spending my spring and summer up in Victor, Idaho, just west of Jackson Hole, wy. It's been amazing being a new mountains, everyone says the summers are better then the winter but I'll make a decision for myself after this season, as for right now, it has just been different. 

The animals scene here is so different then Tahoe, there is just so much variety of big mammals and birds. This spring I have been fortunate enough to witness a family of great horned owls go from furry fluff balls to learning to fly and hunt. 
I've witnessed multiple hail storms that have broke a personal record everytime of the biggest hail I've seen in my whole life... The best part is, I haven't heard people complain, maybe I've just been surrounded by the right people but it seems as though the population is a lot more open and accepting to random mountain weather. In Tahoe I would so often get sick of hearing people complain about June snow, or rain, or anything that that was sub par, as if they didn't live in the mountains. What's sad is that now it's those same people praying for precip because of the drought. The acceptance and even embracing of the mountain weather here is a refreshing attitude to be surrounded by! 

Another difference that was a pleasent experience was watching the aspens bud and unfold their leaves. Because I grew up surrounded by evergreens, I've never been able to watch the stages of season change the aspens go through day in and day out, until being here. 

I'm so nervous and excited to see what God has here for the rest of my time. For now, I'm just trying to keep things simple so I can Carpe diem' it up more!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bridger bowl with Hana Beaman and Elena Hight

Met up with some friends in Montana to ride Bridger bowl. Our plan was to go to Cooke City but it was dumping in Bozeman last week so we just stayed, that's the rule when chasing pow: if it's good where your at... STAY PUT! Here's a little edit with Elena Hight, Hana Beaman, myself and the snow made a star appearance!